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Alyssa Avalos/Director of Crisis Intervention Services

San Francisco Women Against Rape

"Mari has provided counseling on our 24 hour hotline, medical advocacy, and 1-on-1 peer counseling support. Mari has strong abilities to stay calm in the midst of a crisis, to treat all clients with respect while interrupting oppressive dynamics, provide client directed services that focus on survivor empowerment, and provide emotional support for clients while making appropriate referrals. Through her experience as a rape crisis counselor, Mari has worked with a diverse population of clients and continually demonstrates sensitivity and cultural competency. Through her work at SFWAR she has honed her skills in providing client-centered services with a broad perspective that incorporates an anti-oppression analysis. Mari has a passion for doing prevention-based work with a strong dedication to progress in the anti-violence movement and serving marginalized communities impacted by this violence."

Martina Roland/Crisis Counselor

San Francisco Women Against Rape

"I have seen Mari hold space for many different community members at the Rape Crisis Center in San Francisco. These are survivors who are experiencing extreme trauma, and she shows up with a calm presence and a big heart to make sure that clients get the resources they deserve. I would recommend her to anyone in need of trauma informed services."

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