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Meet the Principals of Second Sunrise, Inc.


Sidney Kabotie
Founder and Principal


Marissa Anderson-Botello
Founder and Principal

Holding a Masters in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership from Tufts University and a Bachelors from Fort Lewis College in Cultural Anthropology, Sidney is trained in consensus building methodologies and has been applying them in the field since 2015 as part of the culturally sensitive approach mastered by Indigenous Collaboration, Inc. to activate community engagement. Facilitation services have been provided for Tribal governance bodies and community groups responding to issues of urban houselessness, Tribal housing development, Indian child welfare, Tribal economic development, suicide prevention in Tribal communities as well as natural resource management, energy development, and community development. Sidney is currently enrolled at the University of New Mexico, working on his second Masters in Indigenous Leadership and Sustainable Community Building. 

With more than 8 years of experience in crisis counseling addressing sexual assault, substance abuse, and houselessness, Marissa Anderson-Botello is a trained space holder for individuals and communities experiencing crisis due to systemic marginalization and cultural oppression. She is a graduate of Fort Lewis College, where she obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Criminology. She also carries Associates Degrees from the City College of San Francisco in both Gender and Women Studies and Cognitive Science. Marissa is currently a student at the University of New Mexico working to obtain a Master's Degree in Counseling and obtained her Certification as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist in June of 2022. She is a creative who spends time singing, writing poetry, organizing, learning, and living in solidarity.

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