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Snowy Mountain Sunset

Consensus Based Decision-Making and Trauma Informed Services

Centering Community Wellness


Second Sunrise, Inc. specializes in facilitation services for consensus-based group process and strategic planning as well as cultivating space for trauma-informed and survivor-centered healing for communities and individuals experiencing myriad issues of social inequity and systemic discrimination. 


The Principals of Second Sunrise, Inc. are prepared to provide regular counseling services for individuals, trauma-informed support group facilitation, consensus-based strategic planning, and video documentation services that capture the inspiration of communities and support empowered narrative building. 


Our efforts are geared towards the wellness of Indian country and communities of color. We seek to work alongside non-profit organizations, activists, artists, survivors, and organizational change-makers working to achieve aspirations of self-sufficiency, self-determination, healthy community living, social justice initiatives, and collaborative decision-making.   


Second Sunrise, Inc. is an Indigenous-Latinx owned business dedicated to growing the healing capacity of individuals and communities overcoming intergenerational wounds. We are committed to the development of healthy communicative practices that enable collaboration and self-empowerment.  

Our foundational belief is that communities and individuals hold the insight within themselves to create viable solutions for the problems that they face. Our work is to cultivate an inclusive environment of respect, openness, and dignity to invite people's individual wisdom and emotional intelligence into decision-making to activate the full capacity of the human spirit to facilitate meaningful change.

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